history of bhera


History Of Bhera

Bhera is a Historical city.

( Latitude 32.48 N , Longitude 72.92 ) Bhera is located on the mid point of Lahore and Islamabad Moterway , and connects with Bhera interchange . Sub tehsel Bhera is the historical city of distt Sargodha . It population is 50000.Old Bhera is same like old Lahore and old peshawer.Its markets and streets are too much narrow . There is a circular road around the Bhera city . Old Bhera was situated on the right bank of the River Jehlum , on the opposite side new Bhera is located. There are heaps of ruins .It's markets and streets can be seen on the other bank of the River Jehlum .Bhera is older than Harpa and Mohanjudaro. It was destroyed in 1935 because of the disputes among the pathan forces. and was again located at the left bank of the Jehlum . King Sheer Shah Suri was the founder of new city. when Sheer Shah Suri visited to the old city, he was so sad to see the destroyed areas. He tented at the left bank of river Jehlum . Near Qaimnath's hut ,he constructed first building there. He also constructed Shahi Jamie Mosque in the new city. It seems beautiful that of Delhi ,Agra and Lahore's Shahi Mosques. He made a journali road and along with this road , he also built an Eidgah and water tanks for the passengers .1300 years before ,many Muslim saints passed by Bhera .

who became famous in all Asia . First businessmen and scholars arrive here, then Gaznavi,Guri,Aebak,Babar and Ahmed shah Abdali passed by the city to attack the cruel Rajas and Marhatas . Before the arrival of Arias, Bhera was the center of business of west Pakistan .Along with other things peckokes were also presented to Hazrat Sulaiman(A.S) . The people of this area was well educated. The people of other cities and countries had been learning Tib, Gughrafia etc. from here .When Sikander Azam thought to conquer the whole world, conquering other countries ,Iran and Hindu kash, he reached in Punjab and came to the River Biyas and then turned back here . when Sikander came from mountain Faraz to Damin-i-Koh. Bhera's Raja operated with him like Raja Anbees , and stayed four days at Bhera .and a cross River Jehlum to battle with Raja PORUS.

Capitan DEVAS came to Bhera he rebuild eight Gates of city to different sides of city .Their was eight gate around the  Bhera city ,Multani Gate , Lahori Gate ,Kashmiri Gate ,Kabuli Gate ,Peeran wala Gate ,Chinioti Gate , Loharan wala Gate , Hajji Gulab Gate ,Only four gates have been able to survive to date , Peeran wala Gate , Hajji Gulab Gate , Loharan wala Gate and Qabli Gate are damage know,

Bhera was the greatest business center of South ASIA . Bhera was also called wheat center and market of Mehndi . The camel was used before the train and bus. There was many inns for businessman's stay. Bhera was great center of industries Knife and Sword were made carefully. Wood works was so famous . One of the carved door of Bhera city is also exists even today in the Museum of Lahore .Indoor city their are many beautiful buildings in Mohala Khawajgan , Ansari and Sheesh Mehol . Addition to these in Mohala Hafazana Aurangzeb Alamgeer constructed a mosque. near Chinioti Gate Markzi Mosque Mohala Sheikhanwal"s Mosque and Chinese's tomb near Cabli gate .In first Bhera was situated in a circular road, as soon as population increase , the peoples build different Calumnies out of circular road . New Colonies names are ,Lall wali Lokri , Islam pur , Zain Pur , Hajka , Ali pur , Nseer abad , Fazil imaam , Sadiqa abad ,Fateh Gadh , Boodhi wala , Dhollenwala and Mehar Abad 


Educational Department

Govt Inter College , Govt high School , Govt Islamia high school , Govt A. I Model high school and Govt higher secondary high school , In addition to these religious education department Darualum Muhammadia Gusia , Darualum Azizya ,Daralalum Arbia Khizria and Madrasa Arbia taleem udden . in addition to these many school primary and middle slandered here . Where many thousand students learning
Bhera's Link Road
Bhera to Bhalwal & Sargodha , Bhera to Malkwal , Shah Pur & Khushab , Bhera to Salam , Bhera to Duhari , and main internationl road Moterway
Abu shaheen farooqi 
Was the writer of the book "The History of Bhera" . He was the great journalist . Editor of Haft roza Tabusam . And numainda of "Nawaie waqt" He remained the chairman of Bhera Press Club as long time
Khan Bahadar Fazal ul Haq Paracha
Was the son of Bhera and great leader , in 1930 Indian National Assembly's elected members , his brother Khan Bahadar Fazal elhai Paracha selected in the both are Indian National Assembly's member in same time . He was in charge of election commotion before the division of Pak,India . When English Govt planed to division of Pak India , they suggest that the area relates to Muslims population may be allotted to Pakistan and area of Hindus population allotted to India . The Lahore was the Hindus area by population . but they shows the Lahore area of Muslims by population in Govt record . for which Lahore is the part of Pakistan .
Ehsan ul Haq Paracha
Was elected member of Punjab Assembly and again in 1977 , In 1985 he was elected Senator and financial Minister . In 1988 elected the member of National Assembly and again in 1990 . In 1993 Minister of Business of Pakistan and in 1994 he was elected Senator for six years . He is a great man
Anwar ul Haq Paracha
Is the brother of Ehsan ul Haq Paracha ,in 1981 he was selected Wafaqi Majlis shura. in 1985 Member of Punjab Assembly and again in 1990 . Anwar ul Haq Paracha surving the people of Bhera for long time
Aziz ul Haq Paracha
The son of Anwar ul haq Paracha and the Nazam of Bhera 09.
Inam ul Haq Paracha
Is the MNA of NA 64 . and has been serving the people of Bhera for a long time
Haroon Ehsan Piracha
MR. Haroon Ehsan Piracha is only son of federal fiancé minister mar Ehsan , Haroon is a famous business and his a member of chamber of comers and industries rawalpindi Islamabad he was a candidate of Provencal assembly Punjab of  Pakistan People Party in constant y P.P 28 .
Hazrat Peer Karam Shah Alazhari
He was the  Wafaki Chief Justice,  and principal of Darualum Muhammadia Ghoosia Bhera . He has also written Tafsser Zia-ul-Quran and Seerat named at "Zia-ul-Nabi .
Peer amen ul Hasnat shah
Is the son of Peer Muhammad Karam Shah Alhazri . Peer Amen ul Hasnat shah get the M.A Arabic degree from Punjab University , and the president of Muslim League (Nawaz group) Mashikh Wing ,  Principle of the Darualum Muhammadia Gusia  and the Sajada Nasheen  of Astane alia Bhera .Peer zada M Mohshon Shah , is the brother of  Peer amen ul Hasnat shah he was the elect Member of Punjab Assembly in 1997 .Barrister  M Farooq Bahawl ul Haq shah is the younger brother of Peer amen ul Hasnat shah ,Chairman Muslim Global Relief UK .
Justice Javed Iqbal
is son of Bhera ,was surving as justice supreme court of Pakistan  He was The Chief Justice of Balochistan  High Court his father Malik Abdul Hameed was a son of Bhera, retired as DIG Queta, his brother Malik Abdur Rauf was also retired as D.I.G Sargodha .
Qazi Muhammad Iqbal Jhangeer
was the principle Govt Inter college Bhera, after that he was the principle of Govt.College Bhalwal he was master of Urdu and was a literary person
MRS. Nahidah Mehboob Elhai
MRS. Nahidah Mehboob Elhai advocate is the lady of Bhera she is serving as state counsel at Islamabad, she is serving the nation by the chairman of this NGO a great lawyre and ex federal law minister.
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